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Adventure Visioning: A Page From My Smashbook

April 7, 2013
“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.” ~W. Somerset Maugham

Adventure Visioning

 I started to play with doing some visioning in my smashbook. Using magazine photo collage, drawing & inking, I began to visually organize content & happenings for the next few months ahead by converting my to-do post-it notes and lists into image form. Above is a page for April, May, June, and July, which includes inspiration about appointments, proposal deadlines, projects, brainstorming ideas, upcoming events, bits & pieces of fun stuff, & more.

More from My Own Beautiful, but Altered Brain: Hindsight + Foresight = Vision | Gratitude Collage

May 5, 2012

The month of May over the last five years always reminds me to pay special attention to the concepts of hindsight, foresight, and vision. 

As part of the art and narrative I’ve started to work on for My Own Beautiful, but Altered Brain, it was five years ago this month that I experienced my first encounter with optic neuritis.  Optic neurtis can be a relatively common flare up for those living with some autoimmune diseases, but this was my first introduction…arriving overnight and sticking around for about three weeks.  

Lots of doctors appointments, a batch of IV steroid treatments, and some new MRI testing ensued while I lived in a world where initially I couldn’t even read the giant “E” on my neurologist’s eye chart with either eye.  Thankfully, my vision slowly restored to normal in about a month and the inflammation didn’t leave any serious permanent damage to the myelin surrounding my optic nerve fibers.

During this time of year, this experience especially offers me a constant reminder of appreciation.  This 5 x 4 gratitude collage on chunky stretched canvas provides an important visual reminder, acknowledgment, & celebration for hindsight + foresight = vision.  And on the back of the canvas I have written my many, many thanks with a little touch of kindsight.  🙂


Hindsight | Understanding the nature of an event after it has happened.

Foresight | Providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future.

Vision | The act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight.

21 SECRETS Art Journaling Workshop: On Sale Now!

March 14, 2011

21 SECRETS: An Art Journaling Playground

Today is the day that 21 SECRETS goes on sale at Dirty Footprints Studio!  As posted here over the last couple of months with much excitement & anticipation, 21 SECRETS is an online, self guided, art journaling workshop where participants will receive the opportunity to learn different techniques, methods, and approaches to art journaling from a group of 21 artists from April 1- July 31, 2011.  This means you can enjoy 21 SECRETS and experience the art journaling fun from anywhere, anytime, on your schedule, and at your own pace throughout these four months.  How nice is that?

For only $59 you can enjoy the entire art journaling playground and come play with us!   Registration for 21 SECRETS starts today and runs until May 31, 2011.   To learn more about 21 SECRETS and to register, go here.

In case you missed my secret reveal, I’ll be teaching ready for revo’lution which will empower you to use art journaling to create your very own revo’lution!  Explore concepts of transformation, creating change, and invite intentions of new possibilities through the power of collage, mixed media, journaling prompts & more.   Embrace your revo’lutionary spirit to imagine, create or reclaim your ideas into action!

I hope you’ll be able to join me, the other instructors, and awesome creative offerings that this art journaling event has to provide! Register today!

Come Play with Me! My Reveal for 21 SECRETS [VIDEO]

March 7, 2011

It’s time!!  Introducing…my art journaling class for this round of 21 SECRETS… I am excited to reveal my secret with the video preview below and to invite you to make plans to come play with me!!

Join me to discover what your revo’lution looks like!

The entire group of 21 SECRETS will be revealed on March 14 when the workshop goes on sale through Dirty Footprints Studio.  Registration will be available here on Creativity in Motion and through my website when everything is up and ready to go next week!  Until then, you can learn more about 21 SECRETS here!

[SLIDESHOW] ATC Visioning Deck First 5

February 15, 2011

A little slideshow of the first 5 ATCs for my Visioning Deck:

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Go, Do, Create: Value Artist Trading Card

February 3, 2011

Another artist trading card I’ve created for my Visioning ATC deck.  The concept of value was inspired by the below quote and an intention I work hard on to remember:

“Oh, my friend, it’s not what they take away from you that counts. It’s what you do with what you have left.”  ~Hubert Humphrey

Visioning Artist Trading Card

January 17, 2011

Here’s a quick visioning artist trading card I created for 2011:

I chose the fortune cookie background because sometimes I feel like the collages I create have something to communicate about the future, but I might not always understand (or ready for) the message in the here and now.

2011 revo’lution in motion & made visible

December 28, 2010

Introducing my 2011 revo’lution made visible!  As a re-cap for first time Creativity in Motion readers, for the last few years I have been practicing a year end tradition of creating my “revo’lution”, a process where I identify intentions that I want to focus more on and strengthen throughout the upcoming year. I then create images in response to these concepts and make an annual revo’lution book as a visual reminder.

This year’s intentions include: Truth, Choice, Nurture, Imagine, Inspire, Change, Freedom, and Passion. Below are images from this year’s altered board book I created to contain these eight concepts. Book spreads were created with a combination of magazine photo collage, stamping, vintage dictionary pages, distressed ink, and Tim Holtz’s idea-ology embellishments.

Something new that I experimented with was taking all the image photos on my iPhone using the Urbian Inc.’s Retro Camera app to feature in the gallery above and in the short film below:

Many of the intentions I chose this year focus attention on concepts related to continued growth, authenticity,  and of course, creating.  I believe 2010 revo’lution lessons and periods of letting go, reclamation, and transitioning have built a strong foundation for 2011 opportunities, exciting projects, meaningful relationships, and partnerships.  In my professional life this year, I am looking forward to having more energy, space, and imagining for new ideas related to what I am passionate about and creating ways to share these experiences with others through my work as an art therapist and trauma consultant, as well as my community organizing for The Art Therapy Alliance.

So what does your revolution look like?  What are intentions you would like to focus on and develop/sustain/strengthen throughout your 2011 life? It’s a great time to gather your revo’lutionary ideas and thoughts as this new year approaches and do some visioning through art!

Stay tuned here as my 2011 revo’lution in motion unfolds throughout the year!

Collage Unleashed!

August 9, 2010

The power of artist trading cards (ATCs) continues on in the Art Therapy Alliance Materials & Media community, as a second ATC exchange has been organized by community member Melanie Glassey and details announced last week.  The theme for this exchange is “Collage Unleashed”, which of course easily inspired me to sign up and participate in round two.

I’ve written on Creativity in Motion before about some of my reflections on collage making in my own life and some of these benefits personally and professionally.  My collage art has ranged from using magazine photo images & words, creating in altered books, and incorporating mixed media such as painting (acrylic, watercolor) and drawing (pastels), stamping, as well as found, collected, or gifted design paper and various other art materials.

For this ATC swap, I decided to focus my series on the main themes and benefits connected to my collage making:


Revolution/Alter– I find the process of cutting, ripping, gluing, layering, and re-assembling images and words on paper an exciting creative process rooted in transformation and alteration.  When I use printed design paper, visual inspiration from my favorite copies of Cloth Paper Scissors, or magazine photo collage material, I enjoy destructing and re-constructing the message as my own with themes that experiment with change, taking action, and my personal rev o’ lution. Collage makes it easy and visible for me to create, transform, and develop my ideas over and over until all the pieces come together with new meaning.


Courage/Create- Often during times where I  have been undecided, uncertain, or need to explore my thoughts and feelings around new challenges or opportunities in my life, I turn to crafting simple mini-collages to process what’s going on.  Slowing down and taking the time to select images, think about their meaning and the symbolism in the details usually helps me visually discover the bigger picture and to face it with courage and intention.  This awareness ultimately helps decrease anxiety and feelings of doubt.  Some of my favorite collages, while sometimes very simple, have been created in this spirit and I view as most powerful.

Fly Free / Let Go

Fly Free/Let Go– Another theme that has started to surface in many of my collages  is around detachment and letting go.  The creative process I described above about going through images to use in my collages, I also find therapeutic for discarding and weeding out the things, relationships, thoughts, feelings, and memories that I don’t want anymore in my life.  The collages I create on detachment also serve as important visual reminders to myself about this virtue.

Imagine / Vision

Imagine/Vision– And finally, a lot of my collage making has been in response to visioning or imagining my hopes, wishes, and intentions through magazine photo collage. As I wrote this past May,  I started using art-making in this way several years ago to help make meaning of where I wanted to go, what I needed to do, and what change I wanted for the future.  For me, I think Visioning Collages are the most fun to do!

If you’re looking for more ideas on collage art or to learn more about the therapeutic qualities that often attract art therapists to this media, read this Psychology Today article by Cathy Malchiodi, highlighting many of its benefits and why magazine photo collage was chosen as #10 for her Top Ten of Coolest Art Therapy Interventions.

I look forward to seeing what collage art I receive back in return from this ATC exchange and will be sure to post when they arrive in a few weeks!  For more information about this new ATC swap, check out the Materials & Media in Art Therapy Group on LinkedIn. Deadline to sign up for this exchange is August 11!

Imagination Made Visible: What You See, Is What You Get

May 17, 2010

The Art of Seeing What is Invisible

Yesterday I came across this great read on The Huffington Post about how important visualizing our goals, dreams, hopes, and wishes are to making them a reality.  The author of the article Kari Henley spoke to many things that validated my own practice of visioning through art-making and writing.  As referenced or posted on here before, I have found that making my ideas, hopes, and dreams visible through these creative actions have helped me focus on the tasks at hand, the work that needs to be done, the attitude I need to have, as well as be aware, open, and ready for opportunities, relationships, and attractions that will support and further develop my intentions.

Below are several of my visioning collages from the last eight years or so, when I really started using art-making in this way to help make sense of where I wanted to go, what I needed to do, and what change I wanted for the future.  Some of the collages have already been featured here on Creativity in Motion, but this short film brings them all together:

Looking back on many of these collages is exciting, as I can see many of the original intentions having meaning and reason for exactly where I am today: professionally, personally, with my health, and in my relationships.  It’s often amazing to look back on collages I created with specific intentions and know their impact on my life today.

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