59 Days o’ Revo’lution Art Bits

February 28, 2013

It’s Day 59 of my 365 revo’lution art bit project. 2 months of this practice & time of reflection on my core revo’lution intentions continues to unfold as an inspiring process of growth and awareness.

365 Project- February 2013

During the month of February, I upgraded to another metal binder ring, as finished revo’lution art bits were quickly outgrowing their space.  I hope that this larger ring will be able to accommodate all 365 very nicely and securely. I also received 3 more lil’ sketchbooks from Tracy (thank you again!) to add more paper to the original stash I was using for this project.  The support, feedback, and interest I’ve received for this adventure has been encouraging and super helpful!   Much gratitude!

New Binder Ring

 This month I was introduced to the write up, 15 Reasons Why Artists Keep Visual Journals, that I thought was an excellent summary of the benefits for art journaling. The information supported many aspects of this project as a safe holding place for expression, self-awareness, learning, and transformation.  On another resource related note, a HubPage article published by Art Therapist Carly Sullens this month, Writing in a Gratitude Journal to Manage Stress,  provided the idea of  adapting and creating “Gratitude Art Bits” inspired by this 365 project. Super nice!

Here is a collection of  revo’lution art bits completed this month for Days 32-59:

February 2013- revo'lution bits

I am going to take some time later today to reflect & focus more on the themes and connections inspired by this month’s 365 activity.  I feel like each revo’lution bit I create  is an artful seed of effort to foster stillness, trust, service, simplicity, honor, and light into my actions and awareness, as well as into my life for growth, harvesting, and sharing with others.   🙂

Onward to Day 60 and Month #3…. Stay tuned!


January revo’lution art bits: Day 1-31


6 Responses to “59 Days o’ Revo’lution Art Bits”

  1. What a change a day can make–not to mention 59 days of reflection!

  2. Fantastic idea! You are very inspiring! Sending you wonderfulness for the next 305 days!

  3. These are beautiful miniature art works and very inspiring!
    All the very best to you
    Love and Light

  4. C. Rae White Says:

    Awesome project! Wonderful and deep intentions, fabulous work!

  5. Gretchen, I am loving seeing your project progress, such an inspiring idea, I love it.
    Big love

  6. wow. that is all I can say! Very inspiring!!!!! am anxious to see the end result!!!

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